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Call to Artists!

Sam Flax Mural Project 2021

Project Overview:

- In the back parking lot of 1495 Northside Drive lives a large, blank cement wall and we are opening up the opportunity for YOU to paint a mural on it!
- The retaining wall cascades around the back area of the shared parking lot. Your audience will include shoppers of the entire business plaza including professional artists, tourists, pedestrians, and more. (I'm not going to say that celebrities often park there, but I'm also not not saying that.)

- Interested participants can send design submissions to by November 8th at midnight. Please include your approximate paint budget and any other information you think will help you stand out. Do not message us here, we will not read it. 
- Work MUST be completed by Dec. 19th. All mediums are welcome but please note that this is an outdoor piece.  Since this piece is located in a busy parking lot, we are asking that artists plan to work on weekends or weekdays after 6p.

- The winner will receive $2K in store credit, an artist feature on all of our social platforms, and, of course, a prominent art piece in Midtown Atlanta

Project Details:
- The wall is 47' wide by 6' height; there are additional 'arm' and 'top' walls that you can include in your piece as well that measure 10' wide by 2' tall. A complete picture with dimensions, below. 
- There are cement textures throughout
- The cigarette station in corner is bolted to the ground.  

- We are able to offer artists large ladders but we do not have a cherry-picker!
- Your paint budget is separate from the overall winnings. 

Can I collaborate with another artist?
- Absolutely! Just make sure that your proposal(s) clearly indicate the budget you'll need, and who is doing what
Does my paint budget come out of the winnings?
- Nope! We'll cover the cost of the paint you'll need. If your design is chosen, the $2k store-credit is all yours. You'll be set for awhile!
Can I come check out the space?
- We encourage it!

1495 Wall with Dimensions